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Swiss Air are the first airline to use sustainable Synhelion ‘sun to liquid’ solar fuel


Swiss Air have announced they will be the first airline in the world to use the special ‘sun to liquid’ fuel known as Solar Kerosene, a next generation fuel created by synthetic fuel group Synhelion.

Synthetic fuel, also know as ‘synfuel’ is fuel made synthetically, and is the latest buzzword in sustainability at the moment.  Available in many forms as jet fuel, diesel, or gasoline for conventional planes, ships, cars and lorries.

SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) will help to decarbonize air transport, so this logical, intelligent collaboration between Swiss Air and the Lufthansa Group with Synhelion makes sense when you think that the transportation industry emits 8 billion tons of CO2 per year.
“We turn sunlight into fuel” is the motto of Synhelion. Aiming to make a global contribution and help the future of transport, they are now ready to build the world’s first industrial solar fuel production plant, in other words one step closer to the idea of ‘clean’ and sustainable transportation.

Shedding the light on solar fuels
So, what exactly are solar fuels?

Solar fuels are synthetic fuels produced from solar energy and help aid a goal towards a zero-emissions transportation sector by replacing fossil fuels. Sunny regions are ideal for this, hence Swiss Air and Lufthansa are supporting Synhelion’s development facility in Spain.

A substitute for fossil fuels, solar fuel uses concentrated sunlight to produce carbon neutral
Kerosene. This is great news as many businesses in the transport industry, and society as a
collective, are all looking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Synhelion Co-founders Dr Philipp Furler and Dr Gianluca Ambrosetti, hope for a future of  “climate friendly mobility”.

Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS), who recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, will be the first client for the Solar Kerosene in 2023, so a sustainable future on the horizon and the future looks good for the airline industry!

In addition, Swiss Air are going to name advanced Airbus A220 aircrafts after Swiss tourist resorts later this year.

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