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Soon You Can Wear Kim Kardashian’s Butt For $450


You can always expect to see the unexpected at New York Fashion Week, and that’s on and off the runway. Over the top looks are par for the course, but one no one saw coming was a wearable model of Kardashian’s famous behind. Dubbed “The Bum,” it’s the creation of New York-based Scandinavian conceptual artists Ida Jonsson, 22, and Simon Saarinen, 24, and Swedish fashion designer Beate Karlsson, 24. “The Bum” is an exact replica of Kardashian’s booty and made its debut at New York Fashion Week last week at an event for Elle magazine, and then was later strut around outside the fashion shows of Rebecca Minkoff and Christopher John Rogers at Spring Studios.

Karlsson bravely cast herself as the model, wearing the exposed faux bum. It’s modeled after Kardashian’s go-to biker shorts with flexible silicone to emulate those generous cheeks. Though Kim K hasn’t commented on how she’d wear the statement piece, Karlsson paired the daring derriere with bold sunglasses, a red puffer coat, a denim tube top and open-toed over-the-knee boots. (There’s no word on what Kanye thinks of the styling.) “The contemporary fashion industry with its seasonal norms is enormously rushed and we often end up with imitation instead of innovation,” Karlsson says. “As a designer, part of my job is to constantly try to redefine clothing, and turning the body part of a celebrity into a wearable seemed like an unexploited concept.”

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