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The Growth of Online Technical Centers or Schools


Hundreds of universities in the US alone have moved classes online for various reasons. This has empowered students and potential students as what and when they learn – no more the sign that says “class is full” or “that class no longer available”.

Colleges and universities throughout the world have been looking for ways to provide higher quality education online.

And – what about other fields related to on-line education? Video conferencing technology should also see huge growth this year.

Considered the best in the field, GoToMeeting (https://www.gotomeeting.com/it-it/meeting/pricing-ma).

Investors should look at alternative forms, better price structures and advertising.

Zoom (https://zoom.us/) is considered the best free service, but it has been overloaded recently. Blue Jeans (https://www.bluejeans.com/trial/experience) has a 30 day free trial, but naturally limits use on the free phase. Lifesize (https://www.lifesize.com/) is the only free with more than 3 ppl without a time limit. At this early stage, they have already had a merger.

Other technologies regarding the whole automisation of the process – pdf forms and computer programs specially designed for tests, evaluation and grading.

All of these are – right now – investment opportunities.

How can you as a multi-million dollar organisation profit?

  • Provide materials designed specifically for your field, embellishing the standard curriculum;
  • Volunteer as a ‘guest’ or ‘honorary’ professor to draw interest to your field;
  • Sponsor students who can intern for free in exchange. in some cases, students attending in-person classes get financial aid and online students do not;
  • Investing in education in countries where you want to expand gives you 1st hand, in-depth, behind the scenes look at the culture you are entering.

Thee are also Online Program Managers (OPM) who help companies organize and present their material.

On-line education is still a new field and can go in any direction we want it.

Some investment in this university could really influence the future of Africa: http://www.africanleadershipacademy.org/staffulty/board-of-trustees/fred-swaniker

A free on-line university, attached to NY University: https://www.uopeople.edu/

Free or low cost in India: http://www.vtcbed.org/