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China Breaks the Covid-19 Cycle!


Covid-19 affects all people of all ages and all ethnicities.
It has hit all countries and cultures just as hard – it has levelled the world.

Facing a pandemic, how we respond is essential. For every day for almost a month, the virus infected thousands of people in Wuhan. Too many people died.

How did that happen? How did the infection spread?
It only takes one person to spread the virus to an average of 2.6 people.
After 10 generations of transmission, each taking 4 or 5 days, that one person spread the virus to 3,500 people – in just 1 week! (source)

Breaking the Cycle

China broke this cycle with human intervention: A Quarantine, or Lockdown.
Conspiracy theorists tell us that this is just the beginning of the infringements on our basic freedoms. Many people say that this is too extreme, too aggressive, “draconian”.
However, we have to understand that these measures are only temporary. Does your government want you to pay you to stay at home and not pay taxes?
Of course not!

Personal Rights vs. Public Safety

After 911, security measures increased in all airports in the world. People have learned to accept these new measures, because we understand that these measures are being taken to protect our lives – we agree to trade a little bit of “freedom” for the greater good and safety of all.

China imposed the most dramatic and draconian quarantine in history:
Factories were closed down.
Public transport was halted.
People stayed indoors.

By cooperating with these simple measures, they “flattened the curve”. This is an epidemiological term for slowing the spread of a virus so that fewer people get sick and potentially need hospital care. (source)

Flatten the Curve image, borrowed from livescience.com

Stay Inside! Flatten the Cure!

China avoided many more millions of cases and tens of thousands of deaths. This also allowed time to pass between those who were getting well and leaving hospitals, and those new cases who were entering hospitals. This allowed hospitals to better staff, acquire/replace necessary equipment and be less strained.

This is what Europe and the Americas need to do.
Staying at home is a civic duty – a civic responsibility.
Desperate times seek desperate measures. With over 13,000 deaths world-wide to date (March 22, 2020), we must accept that this is a desperate time.

Quarantine is extreme, uncomfortable, perhaps even a little scary.
However – it worked in China, and it will work in Europe and the Americas.
It’s time now for Europe and the Americas to show their courage and resilience – they need to join together for the greater good of all – just like they did in Wuhan.

Policy makers don’t want to make these decisions – they don’t want to lose your vote!
So try to remember – it’s not you that’s being quarantined – it is the Covid-19 that is being shut out!

Note how the number of cases in China dramatically levelled off, whereas in other parts of the world cases continue to climb.

Protect!  Wear a mask if you must go out. Does a doctor wear a mask because he is sick, or because the patient is ill?
Wash your hands frequently and wear gloves if you must go outside.

Prevent! Stay inside!
When you must go out, keep 1 to 2 meters distance from others.
Don’t go out unless you absolutely have to.

Promote! Remind others – Stay inside!
Communicate on social platforms, on the phone.
Help your neighbors. Before you take the risk of going for groceries – ask you neighbors, especially the elderly and infirm, “Can I get you anything?” Remind them of the importance of Protect! Prevent!

Author, Sarah Gildea, March 22, 2020