Victor Pinchuk

Victor Pinchuk is a Jewish-Ukrainian businessman and philanthropist. In March 2012, Forbes ranked him 255th on the list of the wealthiest people in the world, with a fortune of $4.2 billion

Trade Dispute Centers on Ukrainian Executive With Ties to Clintons

Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton have built a sprawling network of powerful friends around the globe, one that could aid Mrs. Clinton’s chances were she to seek the presidency. But those relationships often come with intersecting interests and political complications; few people illustrate that more vividly than the Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk.

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Oligarchs at War in the British Courts

It promises to be one of the most expensive cases ever heard in a British courtroom — involving three oligarchs who have fallen out in spectacular fashion. At its heart is a £2 billion lawsuit being brought by a flamboyant businessman who bought London’s most expensive house and counts Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, Sir Elton John and Damien Hirst among his close friends.

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