Anders Dahlvig

Anders Dahlvig is the Group President and Chief Executive Officer of INGKA Holding B.V. Between 1999 and 2009 he was the President and Chief Executive Officer of IKEA Group after serving in various positions at the company since 1983. He is also Chairman and Director of New Wave Group AB and is a Director of Axel Johnson AB. Dahlvig is a non-executive Director  at KingFisher plc and Hennes & Mauritz AB and is on the board of Oriflame Cosmetics SA. He secured an MSc from the University of Lund and an MA in Economics from the University of Santa Barbara and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Lund University. Dahlvig is a member of European Retail Round Table and received the Swedish award for Good Environmental Leadership in 2002 for his independent and persistent work with environmental and sustainability issues. He was born in Sweden in 1957.

IKEA should be broken into three, says former CEO

Anders Dahlvig, the flat-pack pioneer's boss from 1999 until 2009, said IKEA faced the prospect of slowing growth and rising costs. He said the chain had struggled under his watch to come to terms with its scale and develop the processes required to manage a company with £20bn of revenue and operating in 41 countries.

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Global housing worries hit Ikea

With people increasingly worried about the housing market and the credit crunch, it's not a surprise that many consumers are saving their money instead of buying furniture and investing in their houses. And given the current market conditions, it's no surprise that Swedish retail chain Ikea has seen its sales under pressure lately.

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