Giuseppe Cipriani

My Space: Mr Giuseppe Cipriani

Walking into the cool, marbled lobby of Cipriani Downtown Ibiza, one could be forgiven for forgetting they were in Ibiza at all. The sleek walnut panelling, the grandiose chill in the air and the quiet buzz of purposeful activity all conspire to make this seem more like a film set, with actors playing waiters and a movie star playing Mr Giuseppe Cipriani himself.

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Giuseppe pledge: I'll be back

Giuseppe Cipriani has been gone for a year from his $120 million, 800-employee US operation, but he insists he’s not on the lam or afraid to return to America because he’d be arrested when he stepped off his plane.

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Two 'Cips' off the old block

It’s lunchtime at Cipriani Downtown, on West Broadway, where two charmed young men sit shoulder to shoulder in custom-tailored suits, dining on tuna carpaccio and vanilla créme meringue cake.

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