Liliane Bettencourt

With a net worthof $24 billion,Liliane Bettencourt stands as Europe's richest woman and the second richest woman in the world (behind Christy Walton) and the second richest person in France. She is currently the Principal shareholder of L’Oreal that deals with Cosmetics and Beauty.

The World's Richest Women 2014

It was a record-breaking year for women on the FORBES list of the World Billionaires. Out of 1,645 billionaires, a record 172 are women – up from 138 last year. There’s no denying that women are still a tiny minority on the list, representing a little over 10% of the total.

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The 85 richest people in the world: men still in the driving seat

At its snowy retreat in the Swiss Alps, the World Economic Forum is debating how much inequality is too much. The aid charity Oxfam pointed out that a glance through the richest 100 people in the world shows that the pendulum has already swung heavily in favour of an elite group: the top 85 in the Forbes rich list control as much wealth as the poorest half of the global population put together.

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