Fabrizio Cerina

Fabrizio Cerina is the chairman of Swiss bank Crédit des Alpes. He has over 20 years' experience in investing capital and raising funds on behalf of institutional clients and large family offices. During his career he has advised on or invested in over 250 transactions valued at more than US$ 125 billion, mainly in the real estate, telecoms and industrial sectors. Cerina was dubbed "a banker and a gentleman" by the Swiss and international press when, as the controlling shareholder of Attel Bank, he voluntarily refunded client losses caused by the criminal actions of a rogue trader, amounting to CHF 45 million (US$46 million), out of his own pocket. Cerina lives in Switzerland and Spain.

The secret to success? A moral code

Fabrizio Cerina is a curious case in the world of finance. As chairman of Crédit des Alpes he has overseen the transformation of a small, Switzerland-based bank into a global force to be reckoned with. But his career has not been without its challenges.

Source: www.newsgateny.com | Date: 3rd April 2018

Banker Fabrizio Cerina sold virtually everything he owned: ‘You have to be accountable’

Financial Times, 4th September 2013: ‘I repaid my clients’ fraud losses out of my own pocket’ As told to Brooke Masters I bought my first bank in 1980 or 1981. I had this dream because my grandfather had owned a bank and lost it in the Depression.

Source: www.ft.com | Date: 4th September 2013

Vivendi Gains Control of GVT― Trumping Telefonica

Vivendi SA, owner of the world’s largest music company, gained control of GVT (Holding) SA by purchasing a majority stake and began a mandatory bid for the rest of the shares, trumping a competing offer by Telefonica SA.

Source: www.bloomberg.com | Date: 13th November 2009

Swiss Première

The solution chosen by Fabrizio Cerina to reimburse all creditors of one of his companies, Attel & Co., is the most expensive but also the one which kept his good name clean: he gradually injected 42 millions of his own money to refund all the creditors. A real première for Switzerland.

Source: L'AGEFI | Date: 15th October 1993

The banker and gentleman lives in Lugano

MILAN – Swiss newspapers have dubbed him a "banker and gentleman", dedicating several front pages to him. But beyond the flattering portraits, Fabrizio Cerina is indeed a protagonist of a rare case, unique even.

Source: www.archiviostorico-corriere.it | Date: 25th October 1993

Le PSG a l'heure Suisse

According to Le Parisien, Crédit des Alpes, a Swiss merchant bank, would have proposed 65 millions euros to purchase the PSG. Its majority shareholder, Colony Capital, which is looking for a new partner, doesn't have however the intention to sell its shares.

Source: www.lefigaro.fr | Date: 26th November 2008