Celebrate Humanity – Francisco de Borbón

Date:  14 May 2018

Author: Unity Haggard

Celebrate Humanity is a non-profit organisation that was established in 2012. Its aim is ambitious, yet simple: through art and philanthropy, it strives to ‘celebrate humanity.’ Over the past six years, the organisation has collaborated with over one hundred artists, connecting local talent to a global network of industry experts. Sponsoring the work of underrepresented individuals, Celebrate Humanity champions art that is innovative, contemporary and exciting. The foundation is also involved in other philanthropic projects and is dedicated to providing humanitarian aid to vulnerable people around the world. The Borbón y Escasany family were central to the establishment of the foundation. Francisco de Borbón y Escasany, the fifth Duke of Seville and relative of the Spanish royal family, has devoted part of his life to philanthropy, although he has enjoyed a successful career in financial services, as well as the engineering, energy and property sectors. He has held several senior board positions, which include the Bank of Miami (Chairman and CEO), International Bank of Miami (Chairman and CEO), and Deutsche Chamber of Commerce in Spain (Executive Chairman), amongst others. Given Mr. Borbón’s impressive resumé, many are curious to follow the progress of Celebrate Humanity over the next few years.

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