Alfredo Sáenz Abad

Alfredo Sáenz Abad was CEO and Vice-Chairman at Banco Santander, S.A and had a long career with the bank holding numerous board positions within the group. He is also a Non-Executive Director of France Telecom España and a Director of Auna and Grupo Auna and Ensafeca Holding Empresarial SL. Sáenz Abad holds degree in Law from the University of Valladolid and a degree in Economics from the University of Deusto. He was born 21 November 1942.

Alfredo Saenz to collect £74m on stepping down from Santander

Alfredo Saenz, chief executive of Santander, will collect €88m (£74m) in a lump sum from Spain’s biggest bank after quitting amid fresh questions about a four-year-old criminal conviction.

Source: | Date: 29th April 2013

Santander chief Alfredo Saenz banned from working as banker for three months

Alfredo Saenz, the chief executive of Spain's top lender Santander, has been barred from working as a banker for three months by the country's Supreme Court due to an earlier conviction for making false accusations.

Source: | Date: 10th March 2011

Alfredo Saenz Abad, Spain's Banco Santander CEO, Resigns After Long-Running Legal Battle

MADRID -- The chief executive of Spain's Banco Santander SA, Alfredo Saenz Abad, has resigned in the latest twist of a long-running legal battle. Saenz was named vice-chairman and chief executive of Santander 2002, according to a statement from the bank Monday. During that time the Santander Group has nearly quadrupled in size to become the eurozone's largest bank by market capitalization.

Source: | Date: 29th April 2013